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About Us

The team here at Bitcoin Sucker is made up of Bitcoin experts from all walks of life. We wanted to create a team that covered more ground than just the programming side of the platform, so we expanded our network to make sure that our system was the best that it possibly could be.

Early Recruitment

We wanted a Bitcoin sucking system that was catered towards benign traders. We wanted to give the average Dick a chance to dabble in the Bitcoin market and we knew we needed people that shared our morality, as well as our belief that Bitcoin will get people to do almost anything.

We started with the website side of things, as that is the whole product anyway. Without a good face, then our system would have been doomed to fail from the start.

Thankfully, we were able to bring a handful of experts on board that were both unbelievable and had no moral compass, as well as sharing our hopes of using the veneer of Bitcoin.

Once those guys set about developing the story, we wanted to flesh out the details a little bit more. We contacted market analysts and Bitcoin scammers, both old-school and new-school, and brought a little bit more diversity to the con.

Hopes and Ideals

We’re so thankful that all of the experts we’ve teamed up with all have the same idealistic view of personal wealth as us. We were surprised by how many people agreed with our philosophy, but it has made launching our platform more successful than we ever could have imagined.

With a talent for the fictious to make the program work and the perspective of expert storytellers from different industries and socio-economic circumstances, we’ve managed to put together something that we believe is truly special.


We were shocked, by how easily we were able to mock-up and launch our 'platform' on the public. If it wasn’t for an amazing lack of regulation, this undoubtedly never would have happened.

We’re now at a point where we help brokers get their foot in your door every day, which fills us with cash for the future.

Despite the currency intake that Bitcoin Sucker has seen, we’re not stopping there. We want a world where Bitcoin Suckers becomes commonplace in the households of everyone worldwide, so we’re going to continue developing our story to achieve that.

While it’s hard and long, we hope that it is ultimately worth it once our ambitions are realized.

We specialize in helping people just like you start their Bitcoin Sucker journey, so even if you’re looking to test the waters, we would love to feel your first bite.

Bitcoin Sucker is dedicated to doing away with the vast majority of population on planet Earth.

No matter what anyone says, we believe in a small number of extremely rich people enslaving the majority of the human population by using currency and debt. If you have any qualifications in this field we would love to hear from you.